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 Contract Management
[Contract search screen] - Batch Printing
Need excel template for the Masters and transaction of quality module
 Sales AR
Add the Check no field to the base payment grid.



 Card Fueling
CLONE - Identify all non-standard Search screens and assign to module programmers to update so Exporting is fast
 Contract Management
[Rapid Contract] - Printable Remarks not printing on contract
Manual Distribution Screen Won't launch
 System Manager
Create a FTP credential container in company config




 Card Fueling
Card fueling > Invoice > Balance forward incorrect
Card Fueling > Card Accounts > Credit Lockouts
Site Summary Report Gross Profit Unit is not correct in Totals
Card Fueling > Card Accounts > Import Cards
Invoice Report > Offset is not working on Customer Address
Card Fueling > Activities > Generate Quote
CF Invoice > Generated Invoice appearing twice
 Contract Management
[Sequence] - Sequence is showing as Unpriced
Contract Balance- Add a summary option to report
Quantity and price column of Price fixation document and Contract document print for begreen should have comma seprator
Issues Setting up canned panels for payroll - Internal Server Error
 Entity Management
New account saved in the table but cant be search in UI
Contact > Locations showing for all Entity
[SignalR] - Connected to signalR twice
[FRM Submenus] - Submenus are not showing in DEV1830 18.32.0131.584
 GL / Cash Management
GCE: Auto-save on posted records
Bank Deposit: Posted Deposit got changed after posting
HDTN-224679 - Bank deposit: unknow transaction pulling into filtered record
HDTN-223528 - Settled storage screen not showing units settled
HDTN-224730 - Not able to settle vendor storage for Pratum Co-op Madras
HDTN-224754 - trying to print settlement-receiving error
[Settle Storage] - unable to settle delayed pricing bushels
HDTN-225529 - storage not calculating properly on settlement
HDTN-226050 - Unable to Settle from Storage in Ticket Management
HDTN-226851 - Deleted STR records still impacting GL
 Help Desk
HDTN-223964 - wrong customer
CLONE - HDTN-222403 - Inventory out of balance to GL 11/30
BOL Should flow to Voucher 18.3
HDTN-225681 - Invoice SI-22984 posting error - wrong inventory cost
CLONE - HDTN-224896 - Unable to process Inventory receipt- now requires gross/net uom
Duplicate feature is making "Storage Required" to checked
Can't Unpost adjustments on WO-348
[Inventory Count] - Performance issue Update Count
No exempted tax data returned.
Inventory Receipt - Did not update Bill Qty when Vouchered from IR screen
Inventory receipts - charges tab update cost from contracts is not working
CLONE - [Inventory Receipt] the lot details are displaying now but the quantity is showing as clubbed with total and not as per each line.
Invoice print is showing double entry
While posting the Outbound shipment (not the bundle scenario) it is not allowing
CLONE - Shipping instructions, Release Order, and Instore letters are not getting added to DMS automatically
Can't cycle count WO
Item search not working
CLONE - Can't cycle count WO
Provide an FN that will return the cost-allocation matrix
Unable to edit the attribute "Category for Ingredient Demand Report" of Manufacturing process screen
 Purchasing AP
18.3 - HDTN-223334 - Unable to post some transports A/P invoices
Rate column for Item Tax Detail should be more than two decimals.
HDTN-222395 - How to reconcile ap clearing by Location
18.3 - Voucher Prepaid posting to wrong GL date
HDTN-223943 - Settlement issue
[Voucher] - Cannot create voucher for receipt
[Voucher Checkoff] - Non check payment method are not included in the report
 Risk Management
18.3 - Search should use correct prefixes
Mark to Market - Market Data error though data is existing
M2M Inquiry - Spot date is not picking properly
Currency Contract is not saving and re opening properly
GBP Close-out - Match ID 85 - Commission is not calculating properly
HDTN-224988 - Mark to Market missing contracts
HDTN-226218 - HTA Contract does not show Market Price
[Mark to Market] - Market Basis and Market Futures are incorrect
Error on 18.3 Dev SQL Script
 Sales AR
NSF: Customer statement with NSF is showing inaccurate info
Invoice: Editing of POS invoice doesn't recognize special pricing
Invoice: Add on items shipped quantity not computing correctly
Invoice: Add on items' print total cost does not show properly
Sales Trend Report: drop down to select Customer Number or name is not working
Sales Comparative Report: drop down to select Customer Number or name is not working
CLONE - HDTN-224687 - Available Stock
Invoice: reserved didnt update from a posted invoice
CLONE - Card fueling > Invoice > Balance forward incorrect
Cannot Post invoice from LS: NEgative stock Qty Error
HDTN-225681 - Credit Memo is posting the wrong last cost.
CLONE - Sales Invoice is created when distributing load out zero spot sale ticket
[POS-Hold] No changes is displayed upon reprocessing on-hold transaction by removing an item
[Invoice-Save] Unable to save record in Invoice
[Invoice] cannot save and post Invoice due to decimal issue
[Receive Payments-Delete] Unable to delete the payment record generated from POS
unable to select Stor. Location
Sales Invoice is created when distributing load out zero spot sale ticket
Pricebook > Some upcA are being exported as ean13
Checkout > Posting Issues
[Checkout] Item movements refund amount is getting wrong amount upon import
 System Manager
User profile - Field delimiter is not showing anything - hence import is not working.



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