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DescriptionHow To
  Make sure that user dashboard role from User Security screen is administrator.

1. Add a tab

 Go to Dashboard > Tabs

Add Tab Name and save. Added tab/ tabs should automatically display on main dashboard.

2. Add personal panel 

Go to Dashboard > Add Panel

  Enter Panel Name, Panel Caption, Class, Style, Rows Retrieved, Rows Visible, Description, Query, Date Condition, Other Filter and Connection.

Sample Panel below:


  Click Fill Columns button to populate specified fields on Column Settings tab from the query.

Click Save button. Panel should appear like this:


3. Activate Canned Panel 

Go to Dashboard > Panels

  Go to Canned Panels tab. Select iRely - Inventory Overview Detail and click Activate button.
  Click Save button to show a copy of canned panel on Active Panels tab.
4. Add the personal panel and copy of canned panels on dashboard Go to Dashboard > Panel Layout
  On Panel Layout screen, set the Display Columns field into 2.
  Under column 1 tab, add the personal panel created.
  Under column 2 tab, add the copy of canned panel.
  Click Save and close. Main dashboard will load the panels.
5. Use Display Dashboard to load the panel Once main dashboard is loaded. click Close button.
  Then go to Dashboard > Display Dashboard
  Main dashboard will load the panels.
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