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To be able to create Transport Load for Blended Item, the following needs to be setup first:

a. Item Setup: 

  1. From Inventory > Items, create 2 new items as Inventory Item Type and save. Sample below:

  2. Create another item as Finished Good Item Type and fill in Factory & Lines tab > Factory tab. Select Company Locations on Factory Name. Each factory name should have Manufacturing Cell Association Cell Name and Default checkboxes should be enabled. Click Save button. Sample below:

  3. Once filled in, go to Details tab and change the Item Type to Inventory and select Category with Work In Progress GL Account. Sample below:

  4. Make sure to save the changes on the last item.

b. Recipe Setup:

  1. From Manufacturing > Recipes, create new recipe.
  2. Enter Recipe Name, Location, Item (actual item to hold the output - ie. Blend Item 3), Quantity and UOM on the header
  3. On Add Input Item grid, add the 2 inventory items as ingredients and add required quantity and its UOM.
  4. Set Lower and Upper Tolerance.
  5. On Add Output Item grid, added item on the header area will show by default.
  6. Click Save. Sample below:

c. Transports Implementation:

  1. From Transports > Transport Load, hit New button.
  2. Supply Load Date/Time and Driver field.
  3. Add the 2 ingredients items on Receipts grid using same vendor and vendor location.
  4. Add customer on Distribution Header grid and other required fields. Sample below:

  5. On Distribution Detail grid, select the output item (Blend Item 3) on Item field. Add Units = 100 then tab. Auto Blend screen appears showing the Blend Ingredients quantity required:
  6. Click OK button then save and post.



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